Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Do you know where your locking wheel nut keys are right now? Don’t worry because you’re not alone: most people don’t! Most people who have fantastic wheels that are protected by locking wheel nuts don’t even realise that this might be a problem until they find themselves with a flat tyre that needs replacing! Without the locking wheel nut keys for your specific car wheels, it will be completely impossible to change your tyres on your own if you find yourself at the side of the road with a flat. Those keys are easily lost: in fact they are one of the most commonly misplaced car parts. You could’ve left them at the garage when you last had work done on your car, put them in that kitchen drawer full of important keys and gadgets, or even let your kids play with them.

Don’t despair though: call us on 07932770388 and one of our expert mobile tyre fitting teams will be able to come and remove those locking wheel nuts having you straight back on the road in no time. We can either unlock your nuts with one of our universal keys or, if your wheels have very unusual nuts that cannot be unlocked in this conventional way, we will simply be able to replace those wheel nuts for you. Once your wheel nuts are removed you can carry on and continue to change or repair your own tyre. But as our fully qualified mechanic is already at your vehicle with their high tech portable garage, why not take advantage and get them to install a new tyre onto your car at the same time? They can either supply the tyre you need or simply fit your spare for you.

  • The problem with really good wheels is not apparent to many people until they have a flat tyre and they realize they lost the key to the locking wheel nuts.
  • Of course, you put the things on there so nobody would steal your wheels, or as is the case they may have come from the factory with locking wheel nuts.
  • The garage may have simply forgot to put the key back in the last time you had tyres changed, or you child may have lost. It doesn’t matter why – Kk tyres  can come replace your locking nut with a standard one, or a new locking wheel nut.
  • This is just one of the many services – while they are on site with your vehicle they can also repair or replace the tyre that had to be removed. The vans that Kk Tyres uses are really little mobile garages that can handle many different repair scenarios.
  • Once your locking wheel nut is removed, it is faster than ever to get our mechanic to fix or replace your tyre. Our 24 hour service can take care of all your tyre needs – since they are at your car there is no reason not to get them to install a new tyre on your car.